Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stripes, dots and leopard OH MY!

Doesn't that sound like 'The Wizard of Oz'?
That is what this look is today... a little bit of everything.  But it totally works!
In case you didn't know... Tuesday's I host a link up on my main blog Perspective } Inspire Me.
Check it out!  I'd love for you to join in.  I like to take things that you are wearing to inspire a look of my own!

Nothing is new here.  I got all of it last year I believe at +Marshalls .
Shoes are +Old Navy 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sparkles with Military

A week or two ago I stumbled upon cute Ashley from The Cream To My Coffee.
She was wearing this military vest... I totally have one of those!  I love how she wore it over her dress, totally going to have to do that, but this time I went for pants.
I started with my vest, then looked through my pants, hey, I haven't worn these pants yet... do you have those in your closet?  I bought them this past spring!  Hmmmm.
They have a little sparkle in them... love!
I think this is still an appropriate fall look, even though they are peach pants.  And the peach goes well with the olive green. 

I am loving this necklace this year.  I made it this spring.

Who could say no to sparkle shoes?  These are Banana Republic via Marshalls... score!

white shirt: vintage red via marshalls
vest: old navy
pants: target
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Sunday, October 27, 2013


I was inspired by the Fur and Wool Link up here at The Fashion Canvas.
Of course I didn't wear this in time to get it up for that link up, but still, I took some inspiration and went with it.
I bought this fur-ish jacket last year.
It reminds me more of like buffalo or wet dog hair, but I like it still!
This is what I started with and built from there...
I layered a lace tee under, for warmth, then added this tank dress.
I love the matte of the fur against the shine of the dress, contrast!
I'll admit I felt a little like a Viking wearing this, it's not so delicate, but sometimes you just gotta get back to your roots right?!
Some of my most very favorite shoes... Chinese Laundry.
Please don't look at my toes!  I finally repainted them!

I made the two necklaces, love to layer pearls.  You can find one of them here.
See, dog hair right?

I French twisted the front of my hair into a low pony, then split it into two pieces and knotted it over and again.  I put a pony holder in the end then pinned it all up.

 dress: old navy
jacket: anne klein
lace tee: marshalls
shoes: Chinese laundry

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday Wardrobe

What do you do on Saturday's?
Do you sleep in, wear sweats, or go out, run errands?
Saturday's here usually involve me out on a photo shoot and everyone else home chillaxing.
They also involve a long run usually, but that is for another blog!
My Saturday clothing is all about cute comfort and function.
But, of course I still like to be stylish.
Here is a recent Saturday look.
I started with a scarf to keep me warm w/o wearing my coat...
I eventually warmed up and didn't need it... photography is a workout!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Posing... and a two-fer

I'm a photographer... really I am... I have a little biz!
As a photographer I know the importance of posing.  Seriously it's amazing how standing a certain way makes you look 10 lbs heavier or lighter... unless you look like this, than it really doesn't matter...  actually I take that back, even stick figures can look better with the right posing!
When I'm taking pictures I tell people to adjust here and there to help them look their best, lift your chin, twist like this a little... etc.
My problem is when I stand in front of the camera and my children or husband is behind it... no one is telling me what adjustments I need to make! 
This is why I prefer to shoot in front of the mirror!  I can see what needs to change, what looks most flattering and I go with it! 
Last post I told you I'd show you how I wore that purple shirt... not that it was a momentous occasion.... I actually am not in love with this look... I think it's the shoes... but I am wearing my purchase... that's the point... I think!
 I so love this jacket!  Not so flattering pose here!

Here is where it gets good!  Because after looking at my photos, then doing a retake, trying to make my own posing adjustments, my daughter getting tired of camera duty, little E ready to go play with his sister... who is taking pictures... I let it all hang out! 
I feel more comfortable this way actually!  This is more of who I am!
My kids were rolling on the ground laughing!  They love it when I'm a goof, which is often!

Now for the two-fer, because I'd hate to leave you with this last image of me!!!  That is for sure a 'Thriller' moment right?
Just another weekday, wearing perfect fitting jeans, you know!
I love this sweater.  It is sheer-ish and is woven with some gold.  It's fab!

I layered a couple of necklaces... and I don't love this lip color... not to self, don't wear it!

See, sheer...

Can you see the gold too?  Love it!
 First look all came from +Marshalls except the necklace, which I can't remember!
Second look top, Marshalls.  jeans, LA Idol.  shoes, Burlington
I'm getting new hair today!  So excited!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's New Review... Wine and Leopard

Good Morning!
Some info... Wednesday's I'm posting at Perspective.
I've started an Inspire Me link party.  Be sure to hop over and jump on. 
I'll be featuring looks that inspire me each week from those that link up... check it out!
This week it's cooling down outside... yea, time for sweaters and layers and boots oh my!
I can't believe Halloween is next week... still have some costume items to get for the kiddies... are you ready?  Do you dress up?
Here are some newer items to my closet.
I wore that gray guy the day after I bought it... see it HERE.
I've also worn the purple tee, I'll show that tomorrow.
Today I'm showing off this wine tee...
 The color and bits of leather are what caught my eye.
I paired this tee with my animal print pants.
I went with a boot to help keep me warm.

I rocked this cute jacket again!  I'm totally getting my $ worth on this purchase!

I ended up finding these adorable shoes while I was out that day... these both are great options... which do you like best, boot, flat or heel?

I'm totally excited about this find.  I've been looking for a little peep toe bootie

One last look...
top, jacket and pants: +Marshalls 
necklace: +New York & Company 
flats and booties: +Burlington (BOC and Rocket Dog)