Friday, October 11, 2013

New To My Closet... Camo!

Man, I am tired this morning!  I think my tempo run yesterday wiped me out!
I love that it's Friday!  I get to go out w/ my man tonight, yea!
Welcome to another edition of 'new to my closet'.
These items were added a few weeks ago... and I've only worn one item!
I do that... buy then don't wear for a while.
First up these fabulous wine colored, alligator skin heels.
Do you love these?  I so do!  Oh how I love shoes!
 These nude heels are the only purchase in this post from Target.  Everything else I got at Burlington Coat Factory.  I don't often buy clothes there, but I have found endless deals on shoes there!
My first pair of camo pants.  I'm sure I'm one of the last to jump on this trend, but I think it will continue, so I went for it!  This is the item I've worn... I'll show you that today.

I bought this cute, lightweight sweater to wear with these pants, although that was not the first look I went with. Love it, lightweight, and a little surprise in the back!
 Can you see the animal print?  It's sheer and a soft pink... fab!

Also following the 'have some leather' trend, this peplum.  Oh heart it!  It looks classy, can't wait to wear it!
Here is how I wore my camo pants...

I wore my fabulous Banana Republic sparkle shoes.  I love this color... I love these shoes!


  1. I love these pants! Where did you get them?

    1. Megan, I got them at Burlington Coat Factory!!! Crazy right? I can find great stuff at mine!

  2. Carolyn,
    Out of all of your camo pant outfits, I love this one the most. The bronze colors between the shoes and the top work so well and the color looks great on you!