Friday, October 25, 2013

Posing... and a two-fer

I'm a photographer... really I am... I have a little biz!
As a photographer I know the importance of posing.  Seriously it's amazing how standing a certain way makes you look 10 lbs heavier or lighter... unless you look like this, than it really doesn't matter...  actually I take that back, even stick figures can look better with the right posing!
When I'm taking pictures I tell people to adjust here and there to help them look their best, lift your chin, twist like this a little... etc.
My problem is when I stand in front of the camera and my children or husband is behind it... no one is telling me what adjustments I need to make! 
This is why I prefer to shoot in front of the mirror!  I can see what needs to change, what looks most flattering and I go with it! 
Last post I told you I'd show you how I wore that purple shirt... not that it was a momentous occasion.... I actually am not in love with this look... I think it's the shoes... but I am wearing my purchase... that's the point... I think!
 I so love this jacket!  Not so flattering pose here!

Here is where it gets good!  Because after looking at my photos, then doing a retake, trying to make my own posing adjustments, my daughter getting tired of camera duty, little E ready to go play with his sister... who is taking pictures... I let it all hang out! 
I feel more comfortable this way actually!  This is more of who I am!
My kids were rolling on the ground laughing!  They love it when I'm a goof, which is often!

Now for the two-fer, because I'd hate to leave you with this last image of me!!!  That is for sure a 'Thriller' moment right?
Just another weekday, wearing perfect fitting jeans, you know!
I love this sweater.  It is sheer-ish and is woven with some gold.  It's fab!

I layered a couple of necklaces... and I don't love this lip color... not to self, don't wear it!

See, sheer...

Can you see the gold too?  Love it!
 First look all came from +Marshalls except the necklace, which I can't remember!
Second look top, Marshalls.  jeans, LA Idol.  shoes, Burlington
I'm getting new hair today!  So excited!

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