Friday, October 18, 2013

Olive and Gold

The days are turning colder now.
We have had such a great run of summer-like days this fall.  I have loved it.
This was my only 'summer skirt' that I didn't put away.
This works nice for fall too, if it's warm.  I got one last wear in before I boxed it up.
I wish I'd have photo'd the back of this shirt, it's pretty and lacey.
It's a nice after thought... and gives people something to look at as you walk away right?
I'm so into this little necklace this year.  I made it this spring.
These linen and gold shoes were a great match for this look.
And, I'm sort of into this red-ish eyeshadow.  What do you think?
It's easy, but people still tell me I look fancy when I wear stuff like this... mostly the little girls on the street, they are people right?
It's Friday!  Yea!  I've been so busy with photography this week.  I have mountains to edit this weekend.  I think I'll get my long run in today so I can enjoy my Saturday!  What are you doing?

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