Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That is One Hard Working Skirt...

Did you have a good weekend?
I was busy, not gonna lie! 
My man is finally home and I can breathe again, well, not really... I'm totally suffering from post nasal drip and I sneeze on everything and my head hurts... but I'm always busy!  Stuff just doesn't let up... good thing I like to be busy!
I recently wore this little getup.
It really is casual.  This skirt is way comfy, pair it with a baggy tee, and you just can't go wrong!  Comfort and style... booya!

top: Hollister (bought at Marshalls)
skirt: Old Navy 

Cute little gold-tipped ballet flats dress it up a little.
I made that necklace, yes indeed!  Those cute little lime green earrings were some Target clearance.  Love it!
So, I was thinking of what I wanted to wear with this skirt and I just wanted to show a couple more ideas I had...

Simply adding a chambray shirt, tucking the tee in, dresses this skirt up a little more.
You could also pair it with a little lace peplum and whala... a Sunday look!
Now that is a good little skirt right?  Giving you so many options! 
Do you have one in your closet?  You should!


  1. Lovin the last two, the skirt is adorable on you and very versatile!

    1. Thanks cute Jamie! I was a little afraid of the stripes, but never fear, they work!