Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Me Shopping For You!

I would so love to be a personal shopper or a stylist, for a magazine or a fashion photographer. 
I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I watched 'The Hills', but I did... and loved it!
Whitney and Lauren had a great job!  I'd love to go to work everyday and play dress up! 

How about I do that for you here?
I'll choose some fabulous items for you!  You can buy them right here from my site!

Today I bring you a few choices for footwear.
Short boots, or booties are so in this year. 
You can wear them with pants, with skirts, leggings, shorts (if you live in a warm place... that's not me!)

Here are some ways I've recently worn the bootie...

On my wish list now are some winter white ones. 
Here are some selections for you... and they are totally affordable!

 Love the studs on this short boot.  It's a little 'rocker'!

These are actually flats... for those of you who aren't so comfy with the heel.

These are a little more extravagant and are a hybrid of the bootie and stiletto.  So much of it is cut out it could be a stiletto.  Buuuuut, aren't they fabulous?

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  1. I love all four outfits! Especially those leather pants! Thanks for sharing