Monday, November 25, 2013

French Twist up-do Hair Tutorial

Hey friends!  Welcome!
This is my first video tutorial!  Eeek!
I tried to be as non-spastic as possible!

I apologize now for my blue tongue!  I had a piece of candy just before I filmed this... you know I can't live w/o sugar right?  :)

After I filmed these my Q was confused... mom if you're posting this on your WIW blog why would you tell people to check it out... won't they already be there?

Smarty pants! 

So, since you're here at What I'm Wearing (WIW), be sure to check out!

I hope you enjoy, and find success with this up-do.

Here are some still shots of the hair do.

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  1. Very beautiful hairdo ! thanks for visiting my blog, i just followed all your blog on bloglovin and add you to my circle :) so glad to keep in touch.xx