Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Sunday Mullet

I do love Sunday's, for many reasons... one of them is that I love getting dressed up a bit.
I love polka dots and this dress features them in a mature way, don't you think?
It also reminds me of a mullet... business in the front, but a little party in the back!  I like that it drops a in the back.
Normally I'm not so into accessorizing with the obvious colors, but today it seemed like a good choice, so, yellow necklace and shoes.
I still feel a little weird having someone else take my picture.  I'm not as good at posing and feel awkward.  As a photographer I tell people how to pose for this very reason... who will tell me?  Matt is a good sport,  and won't tell me how to pose, but will take pictures of many options while I figure it out!  Someday I may be able to work it like a panther in front of the camera!!! :)

dress: Down East Basics
shoes: Nickels
necklace: Jane

1 comment:

  1. You are adorable!! I love this outfit and the other outfits at the top of your blog! I also feel awkward when my husband takes pictures of me.. Hopefully I will get better at it!